A sales and brand development agency with results of: 

$1.4+ Trillion

Our sales solutions have empowered brands from:

A - Z

CPMD Brand Experience
What We Do

We develop, implement and manage multichannel sales solutions for brands 


We train your team, align all stakeholders and strategically expand your customer base


We provide ongoing key account, integration, sales management and coaching services

We create and implement brand driven sales solutions


We ensure maximum multichannel product and brand visibility 

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We are retail supply chain experts and provide training, coaching and support

We get your brand online and on shelf fast

How We Work
We are sales performance driven and only accept a limited number of clients. We work exclusively on a retained commission basis with retainers ranging, based on complexity, from $5,000 - $10,000 USD per month for 3 months then transitioning to a monthly, performance based, fixed commission.
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