"We help make your client campaigns more successful"

How many times has a great ad campaign under performed because of limited product availability? How many of your clients need to get their products on more shelves? How many times has a client asked you to quantify the ad spend in real sales dollars? If so please give us a call at 647-249-2391 as I used to be the client asking those questions and have the solutions.

We quickly maximize your clients brand presence in store and online while ensuring retail partner marketing resources are fully utilized. We create and manage brand specific programs to ensure sales goals are realized as quickly and efficiently as possible.


We ensure that retailers online campaigns are On Brand and On Sale. Our online programs generally deliver results within 30 days of implementation. Own the Buy Button!

In Store

Ensures client brands and ideal product assortments are in locations consumers expect and some they may not. We are your Multichannel expansion experts.


Programs are simple and easy to deploy on the client side, require minimal IT involvement and provide integrated pre and post event analysis.

What We Do
We create and manage targeted Multichannel Sales Solutions for Legacy & Emerging CPG Brands
We pioneer New Channels, Build/Train Teams and Manage your Key Account growth
We provide ongoing Key Account, Sales Management, Integration and Support services
How We Work
We work exclusively on a retained commission basis. Retainers are based on complexity (average 3 months) at which point we transition to a fixed commission for growing and managing the business.
Take Your Brand To The Next Level 647-249-2391