"Bill has the ability to cut through the fluff, get to the point and make everybody feel great about doing business with him.”

Need help turbo charging your investments? Do you have under performing Legacy Brand CPG assets? Launching a New Brand? Want fast results?

Please give us a call at 647-249-2391 and the first call is on us.

Business Investors
Venture Capitalists
What We Do
We create and manage targeted Multichannel Sales Solutions for Legacy & Emerging CPG Brands
We pioneer New Channels, Build/Train Teams and Manage your Key Account growth
We provide ongoing Key Account, Sales Management, Integration and Support services
How We Work
We exclusively work on a retained commission basis. The retainer period, usually averaging three months, allows us to analyze the complexity of your brand and create a tailored strategy. Upon transition to a fixed commission, we become fully invested in growing and managing your business as if it were our own.
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