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“As a Category Captain Bill developed new merchandising concepts that we adopted chain wide and resulted in the #1 selling SKU in all of our US stores” 

Cannabis Passport

Launching 2022

Patent pending, innovative, cool, quarterly publication that surprises and delights consumers by combining high quality rolling papers with a cannabis lifestyle magazine ($4.20 MSRP $3.99 MAP) featuring: Cannabis Culture Celebrities along with Lifestyle, Health, New Products, Trends, Talent and All Things Cannabis. Cannabis Passport is a new concept, high margin FMCG brand that also gives our partners exciting new Revenue Generation + Marketing Tools.

Cowboy Cauldron

Created and launched the 2020 - 2021 Canadian Brand Launch resulting in new B2B, B2C and D2C customers quickly and cost effectively. Client ships & invoices direct from current location with no new staff, warehouses or complexity at 54% less than using traditional distribution and supply chain models. Celebrity endorsement ensures national media (TV, Print, Radio, Social Media and Live Events) coverage while D2C Influencer Program measurably grows the high margin D2C sales channel. 

Worlds #1 Outdoor Fire Pit & Grill

Case Studies 


Created and launched the Babolat Machine Program which increased  USA sales and profit margins in a rapidly declining market, expanded retail doors and ensured all category  product placement. Grew market share from 3% - 20% in one year.

Worlds #1 Tennis Brand


Created and launched the No More Ice retail campaign which expanded channels to include: Automotive, Aviation, Export, Licensing, Marine, Medical, Military, OEM, RV, Sporting Goods, Trucking and World Health Organization in one year.

Worlds #1 Manufacturer


Created and launched the most successful new products in companies history the Zippo MPL and Zippo Butane. Expanded USA brand presence to 65,000+ multichannel retail doors in one year while increasing margins by 20%+. 

Worlds #1 Lighter Brand