“Bill is a sales and marketing race horse and one of those guys that get's it quick"

Cowboy Cauldron

Developed the Canadian Brand Launch resulting in new B2B, B2C and D2C customers quickly and cost effectively. Client ships & invoices direct from current USA location with no new staff or warehouses at much less than using traditional distribution and supply chain models. Celebrity endorsement ensured national media (TV, Print, Radio, and Social Media) coverage and grew high margin D2C sales.

Worlds #1 Outdoor Fire Pit & Grill


Developed and managed the Canadian Brand Launch for the Starbucks Verismo single serve coffee brand. Within 12 months opened all target retail accounts and exceeded client sales and margin expectations.

Del Sol

Developed and implemented the Canadian Brand Launch for Del Sol resulting in full line merchandise (apparel, cosmetic, sunglasses and accessories) presence in 1,400+ stores and exceeding total USA sales.


Formerly known as NAFTA the USMCA allows for manufacturers in USA, Canada and Mexico to ship DDP (delivery, duties paid) directly to B2B and B2C customers without the need for a physical presence in the export country thereby reducing costs and time to market significantly. We have been developing NRI programs since 2009.

Case Studies 

Created and launched the Babolat Machine Program which increased USA sales and profit margins, expanded retail doors and ensured all category product placement. Grew market share from 2% - 20% in one year

Worlds #1 Tennis Brand


Launched the No More Ice retail campaign which expanded channels to include: Automotive, Aviation, Export, Licensing, Marine, Medical, Military, OEM, RV, Sporting Goods, Trucking and World Health Organization in one year

Worlds #1 Manufacturer


Created and launched the most successful new products in companies history the Zippo MPL and Zippo Butane. Expanded USA brand presence to 65,000+ multichannel retail doors in one year while increasing margins by 20%+

Worlds #1 Lighter Brand

How We Work
We exclusively work on a retained commission basis. The retainer period, usually averaging three months, allows us to analyze the complexity of your brand and create a tailored strategy. Upon transition to a fixed commission, we become fully invested in growing and managing your business as if it were our own.
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