Dietrich Schrader, Buyer, Wal-Mart Stores, Inc. “As a Category Captain Bill developed new merchandising concepts that we adopted chain wide and resulted in the #1 selling SKU in all of our US stores.” 
Barry Toner, Buyer, Sears "Bill is a bright and enthusiastic individual. He is very self motivated and dependable. I thoroughly enjoyed the time spent when he called on me as a buyer. We were able to develop and execute programs which were financially very successful for both companies. Bill comes with a very high approval rating." 
Mark Roffey, WestJet "Bill is a valued asset to any team. Bill has a wonderful knack of taking the most complex of situations, refining them so everyone on the team understands their roll and what is expected from them to get the job done." 
Tae Kim, COO AAA W&CNY, President Blue Orbit LLC "Bill has the ability to cut through to the heart of complex situations and issues and make balanced and practical decisions for the company and customers. He brings maturity and comprehensive understanding of business, people and markets. He is an outstanding executive and great addition to an organization." 
Beirne Chisolm, President WaveTime Marketing "I have known Bill since 1997 when he became my National Sales Manager at Chisco. Since that time we have become both great friends, business colleagues and continue to collaborate on a variety of business projects. Simply put Bill is a sales and marketing race horse and one of those guys that “get’s it quick”. He has the ability to cut through the fluff, get to the point and make everybody feel great about doing business with him.” 
Scott Patridge, MBA, MS, President CFA Services Inc. "I was fortunate enough to have Bill as my first true mentor when I reported directly to him during his tenure as national sales manager for Babolat USA. His industry expertise, management and consumer products branding skills, coupled with his friendly personality, made for both an invaluable work experience and a lifelong friendship. I will always be thankful for having the exposure and opportunity to work with Bill and recommend him highly." 
Param Maha, Sr. Systems Administrator, CIBC Mellon Trust Company "When it comes to sales, Bill Moore is a rare breed. He's bright and persuasive, but he's also a class act both personally and professionally. He gets behind products he believes in, but won't push something if he knows it's not in the client's best interest. If you're looking for someone to build long-term relationships with clients while boosting your company's profits, Bill Moore is your man." 
Ben Carter, Project Manager InfoTrax Systems "Bill was instrumental in taking our brand to Canada, and grew sales to over a million dollars there our first year. He is a great salesman, with many contacts to help bring products to market." 

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